The Rookie Running Back Participated In The Morning Walkthrough, And Was Expected To Take The Field For Practice In The Afternoon.

It would certainly help the Hawks depth to get him back on the field in Atlanta. Perhaps the Dolphins Matt Moore could fly in and provide lessons on how to survive a near-death experience. I mean, not like Moores busy now. He is lucky to have all his teeth, as he himself said after that crazy hard hit by Bud Dupree versus the Steelers. browse around these guysPlayer: C. J. Prosise Come on now, you knew there would be an update on Prosise! The rookie running back participated in the morning walkthrough, and was expected to take the field for practice in the afternoon. Coach Pete Carroll stated that the only way Prosise will see any game action is if hes able to go full speed in practice. That certainly makes sense, as hed be far more likely to be injured again if hes at less than full strength, nor would he be able to help the Seahawks that much anyway.

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